Discover West Iceland

In West Iceland the beauty and variety of Icelandic nature is everywhere to be seen. Magnificent views overlooking mountains and glaciers, fertile regions, colourful birdlife, abundant rivers and lakes, fjords and bays, along with gushing geothermal activity. Natural resources are all around.

But West Iceland is more than magnificent nature. Land and history form an unbroken whole as the scene of sagas like Sturlunga, Egils Saga, Eyrbyggja and Laxdaela, as well as being rich in folklore and tales of adventure. Tourist operators go out of their way to make history available to travellers, each in their own fashion. At the same time, new tales of people, trolls and beings of adventure are creat.

more than magnificent nature

A selection of museums is available far and wide in the West Iceland. Local museums are to be found in Akranes, Borgarnes, Stykkisholmur and Olafsvik.  Many specialised museums are also available, such as the Agricultural Museum of Iceland in Hvanneyri, the Library of Water and Eldfjallasafn Volcano Museum in Stykkisholmur, Eiriksstaðir in Haukadalur, Gljufrasteinn in Kjos, the maritime museum Sjomannagarðurinn in Hellissandur, the Heritage Centre in Grundarfjordur, Snorrastofa in Reykholt and the Settlement Centre in Borgarnes.

Over 70 accommodation options exist in West Iceland, ranging from traditional camping sites to quality guesthouses and hotels. Travellers are faced with several possibilities in food and drink, in numerous restaurants and cafés available in this part of the country.  

West Iceland offers various leisure services and possibilities. Marked hiking paths are available, as well as guided horse riding, golf, game angling, nature and bird watching tours, gourmet tours and glacier tours.  

Having spent an enjoyable day in West Iceland, rinsing off in one of the 13 swimming pools in the region is the appropriate conclusion.

Not to mention glacier Snaefellsjokull in Snaefellsjokull National Park, which was established in 2001. The purpose of the national park is to protect and conserve its landscape and important historical relics, and facilitate travelling in the area. Park rangers operate on site during the summer months. They provide visitors with instruction and information and monitor and tend the area as well. Maps of the region are available, both hikers‘ maps and maps of the park itself and nature protection areas near by.

We Reccomend

Lighthouse Keeper from Paimpol

An exhibition showing the works of Francois Jouas-Poutrel at the Saga Center in Grundarfjörður.

Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfalls

Hraunfossar, or The Lava Waterfalls, are a beautiful and unusual natural phenonem and one of the most picturesque natural wonder in West Iceland. 

Barnafoss waterfall, The Children´s Waterfall, is close to Hraunfossar. It takes it´s name after a story of two children who fell into the river when they attempted to cross the river by walking over a rock arch.

Relax in natural geothermal hot spring

If the muscels are sore after a a long hike or horseback riding, a geothermal hot tub does wonders.

The Settlement Centre

Not only does the Settlement Centre host two great exhibitions but you can as well enjoy great food..

Woolhut Hvanneyri

The Woolhut "Ullarselið" in Hvanneyri is a craftshop where you can buy handmade quality crafts.