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Jun 2019

Street Art Festival in Hellissandur

22.-23. Jun
The Street Festival in Hellissandur will be held the 22nd - 23rd of June. Further information about the event will be posted later.

Hjálmar in the Freezer at Rif

28. Jun
Hjálmar will be traveling around the country for the first time during the days of 31st May to 30th June. They will do 15 concerts in various locations and on the 28th of June, they will be playing in the Freezer and Rif. Tickets can be bought on

Brákarhátíð Town Festival

29. Jun
Brákarhátíð is the summer festival of Borgarbyggð area and is held the last Saturday of June annually. The festival is dedicated to Þorgerður Brák who can Egill Skallagrímson's nurse. There is a lot of fun activities during the day and later during the evening, there is a fireside or a get-together.

Snæfellsjökull Race

29. Jun
The Snæfellssjökull Race will be held on the 29th of June. The race is a total of 22 km. The race gives participants a wonderful view over the picturesque Snæfellsnes peninsula and a direct feeling of the energy that surrounds the Snæfellsjökull glacier.

Jul 2019

Ólafsvíkurvaka Snæfellsbæ

6.- 7. Jul
The family-oriented town festival Ólafsvíkurvaka on Snæfellsnes Peninsula is held during the days of 6th - 7th of July. The festival is first and foremost held for locals and emigrated families and friends.

Kátt í Kjós in Kjósahreppur

20. Jul
Kátt í Kjós is a festival of the people living in Kjós. Further information about the event will be published later.

Good Moment Town Festival - Grundarfjörður

25.-28. Jul
The town festival of Grundarfjörður, Á góðri stund, will be held during the weekend of 25th- 28th of July. Á góðri stund means A Good Moment, which does the festival good justice!

Reykholt Chamber Music Festival

26.-28. Jul
Reykholt Chamber Music Festival is one of the very oldest and respected music festivals in Iceland. The festival always takes place during the last weekend in June in Reykholt, Borgarfirði. The festival was first held in 1997.

Aug 2019

Plan B Art Festival

9.-11. Aug
The Plan B art festival will be held in Borgarnes during the days of 9th - 11th August.

Danish Days in Stykkishólmur

16.-18. Aug
The town festival Danskir dagar, or the Danish Days, are held in Stykkishólmur during the weekend of 16th - 18th of August. The first Danish Days were held back in 1994 and will therefore be celebrated for the 25th time this summer!

West Iceland

Towns & Villages

The population centres in West Iceland are as varied as they are many. Ten places have over 50 residents and Akranes is the most densely populated with 6,500 inhabitants. 

All of the larger communities put ever-increasing emphasis on dynamic tourism where a wide selection of recreation and services are offered.   

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