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Summit Adventure Guides

Magical Glacier Hike
This is our shortest and most popular glacier tour. The well-known magical elements of Snæfellsjökull glacier can be experienced in this tour, especially for those seeking pure contact with unspoiled nature.
We meet at Gufuskálar where we fit crampons and boots. From there we drive our mountain truck up to the roots of Snæfellsjökull glacier at 750-meter elevation. Then we walk up to the glacier ice where we put on crampons and walk at relatively easy pace up to about 900 meters to see crevasses, moulins and other interesting ice formations on the way. We will stop regularly on the way to enjoy the beautiful view over the lowlands and Breiðafjörður bay on one side and up to Snæfellsjökull's summit on the other side.
We use our mountain truck to get us within walking range of the glacier. Then it's about 20 minute walk until we put on crampons and continue on the glacier ice with total elevation gain of about 200 meters.
This tour is reliant on right weather and seasonal conditions. It's only available when there is no snow covering the glacial ice. That season can differ a lot between years but usually we can operate this tour from beginning of July to mid-September.

When? : Mid summer to mid September
How long? : 2-3 hours
From where? : Gufuskálar (meeting point B)
What time? : Weekdays at 14:00, weekends at 13:00 and 14:00.

Vatnshellir Cave Tour
The Cave
The cave itself is an 8000 year old lava tube created by volcanic eruption from a nearby crater in the Purkhólar crater family. As the lava rushed down the hill in a lava river it began to cool on the surface, creating a crust on top of the lava river. As the eruption stopped, all the lava from underneath this crust continued to drain out. That eventually left behind empty tube with roof on top that gradually cooled down.

The Tours
We offer 45 minute guided tours to Vatnshellir cave. It is one of the most easily accessible cave in Iceland, however you need to be reasonably fit to participate. Exactly how fit is difficult to say, but if you can walk up 2-3 story building without stopping and if you don't have trouble walking on uneven surfaces you should be fine.

You need to dress warmly for the cave tour, since the temperature is just above freezing throughout the year. Hiking shoes/boots are recommended but sneakers are acceptable. We will not permit high heels or flat-bottom shoes including flip-flops for this activity. Gloves are recommended for your safety and comfort. If you fall down, gloves can save your hands from the knife-sharp lava rock!

When and How?
We offer this tour all year around, opening hours depend on the season though.
From May 15th to September 30th we've got tours every hour, on the hour from 10am to 6pm.
From October 1st to May 14th we've got tours every hour, on the hour from 11am to 3pm.

Midnight Sun Summit Tour
The Midnight Sun Tour is one of the experiences that will probably stay with you forever. We start this tour at Gufuskálar (Meeting Point B) to gear up. From there we drive a mountain truck to our snowcat, which will take us up to roughly 1000-meter elevation. From there we hike up the remaining 350-meter elevation to Snæfellsjökull glacier´s North Summit while the sun is going down. The views over the clouds, Breiðafjörður Bay, Snæfellsnes peninsula and Faxaflói bay on the other side, bathed in the magnificent midnight sun is what makes this tour the most scenic tour we offer. We will stop for photo opportunities on the North Summit before walking back down.

This tour takes about 5 hours total with about 3 hours of hiking and 1-2 hours in preparing and snowcat transport. This is relatively challenging hike in snow even though it's only 400-meter elevation gain. Depending on conditions we may use snowshoes or crampons to assist us with this hike.

We offer this tour from mid-June to mid-July with the main focus on summer solstice around June 20th. You need to bring warm clothes, hiking boots, small backpack, water and snacks. We supply all necessary safety gear for glacier travel.

The Grand Summit Tour
In this tour we compile everything we stand for and mix it with the most amazing views to be found on the peninsula. This is The Grand Summit Tour and we gave it that name for good reason.
The tour starts by organizing and preparing gear at our offices (Meeting Point B). From there we drive our shuttle up to our snowcat that will take us up to Mid-Cornice (1380 meters). The Mid-Cornice is located just below the true summit and it's the highest point any vehicle can go on the glacier. We will stop there for a while and those who are not afraid of hights get a chance to go with a professional guide up to the true summit of 1446 meters. That requires some general good fitness and takes about 25 minutes. If you decide to go for the true summit, the guide will equip you with the tools needed for safe summit push, including helmet, crampons, harness and ice tools.

If you don't feel like going for the true summit, you stay on the Mid-Cornice where you will enjoy the great views and perhaps have a chat with the other guide that will stay with you there. If you feel cold, you can always get into our warm and cozy snowcat to relax.

Up on the Mid-Cornice we will make and serve traditional Icelandic hot chocolate and Icelandic flatbread that's kept us Icelanders alive throughout the last millennium. After spending this quality time above the clouds it's time to head back. For most it's a simple ride on the snowcat, unless you want to ski of course! We got all the ski gear you need to book as free extras on this tour.

The Grand Summit Tour is truly an adventure-packed half day tour to Snæfellsjökull summit… The best part? This tour is for anyone 12 years or older, regardless of fitness and interests. Just add extras like climbing the true summit or skiing down to make it more fun and challenging! Groups are limited to 8 participants giving this tour a high client to guide ratio for safe and personal service throughout the whole tour.

Snowshoe Hike With a Taste of Iceland
We start from Meeting point B and drive up to the mountains around Eysteinsdalur. First on the road as far as we can go with our shuttle and then further inland using our snowcat, if conditions require.

From there we put on snowshoes and hike between beautiful lava formations sticking out of the ground. With this great surrounding we stop to make traditional Icelandic hot chocolate to enjoy with the flatbread that´s kept us Icelanders alive throughout last millennium, and still does!

From this elevation of about 400 meters we have great scenery of both the glacier and over the beautiful coastline below. This tour is a fun and easy snowshoe walk for anyone who's reasonably fit to walk for 1-2 hours.

We offer this tour as 3 hour tour from Meeting Point B. This is the winter alternative for the Magical Glacier Hike. You need to be reasonably fit to participate, even though this is one of our easiest tours. We use our snowcat and/or trucks to get us up to an elevetion of 400-600 meters, from where we start the hike. Then we'll walk on snowshoes, up to 1 km total with total elevation gain of about 100 meters.

This tour is available from late fall to early spring on selected dates those months.

Please contact for tours and booking information.

Summit Adventure Guides


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