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West Iceland scenic destination of Europe 2017

Luxury Travel Guide is delighted to announce the winners of its Luxury Travel Awards for Europe 2017, a celebration of excellence across all sectors of the luxury travel and tourism sector.

West Iceland is delighted to announce that it has been listed as Scenic destination of Europe 2017 by Luxury travel guide. West Iceland has been included in this list due to it having the perfect combination of stunning landscapes, unique regional culture and friendly locals. It is also easily accessible for visitors due to its proximity to Reykjavik and a robust year round road network. In recent years, West Iceland has become more accessible to tourism due to improvements in the infrastructure and services. This has resulted in an encouraging growth in winter tourism.
West Iceland’s strength lies in its natural wonders. Highlights include the Snæfellsjökull National Park, which has black sand beaches and diverse rock formations; beautiful lava caves; the most powerful hot spring in Europe and beautiful waterfalls, such as the highest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur. Perhaps one of the most spectacular natural wonders is the Langjökull glacier, which can now be seen from underneath in a manmade ice cave. On boat trips, in the wide bay of Breiðafjörður, visitors are able to see whales and stunning rural islands. 
West Iceland also has a rich and unique history. Jules Verne’s novel, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, is based in this part of Iceland and Snorri Sturluson, a 13th century writer and politician, lived and governed from the village of Reykholt. Eiríksstaðir is the birthplace of his son Leif Eriksson (Leif the Lucky), who discovered North America


West Iceland

Towns & Villages

The population centres in West Iceland are as varied as they are many. Ten places have over 50 residents and Akranes is the most densely populated with 6,500 inhabitants. 

All of the larger communities put ever-increasing emphasis on dynamic tourism where a wide selection of recreation and services are offered.   

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