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Kria Guesthouse

Kría Guesthouse is a family run guesthouse that offers clean and comfortable accommodation at affordable prices in the heart of Borgarnes. Kría Guesthouse is situated directly on the town's beautiful sea front, and therefore offers an amazing view of the surrounding mountain ring. The location provides a unique opportunity to experience unforgettable sunsets and wild bird watching. Kría Guesthouse is situated in private surroundings, at the end of a quiet residential street. However, it's in an easy walking distance from everything that Borgarnes has to offer. Only 500 meters away, you will find the local bus station, a supermarket, a bakery and a café, a pharmacy and various shops. A 10 minutes walk takes you into the center of Borgarnes town, where you can find an outdoor swimming pool, a public park, restaurants, cafés, museums and galleries. Kría guesthouse is the perfect get away in the western part of Iceland. We offer a quiet environment where you can come and relax in beautiful natural surroundings. Whether you are on your way around the country, want to explore the western part of Iceland, or simply want to enjoy what Borgarnes has to offer.

Kría Guesthouse offers two spacious rooms that suit singles, couples, and families. All facilities are wheelchair friendly, and both rooms are suitable for disabled travellers.
Both rooms are accommodated with new made-up beds; double or single size. Our rooms come with a hand basin, a hairdryer, basic hygienic products, and amazing sea views.

Kría Cottages are located by road 50, only 6 km south of Borgarnes - in the land of Skeljabrekka, right under the grand mountain Brekkufjall. The location is perfect if you want to drive around and explore West Iceland. A day trip can be made to Deildatunguhver, Barnafossar and Húsafell, Whale Fjord, Akranes and Snæfellsnes.
The cottages are located by the beautiful Andakílsá (Andakíls river), where bird life is rich, the sunsets are magnificent and the northern lights dance around the sky during winter. The view from the cottage is amazing, and on a good day you can see as far as Snæfellsjökull! The cottages are located in the mountain slope, so you get a good view over Borgarnes, Hvanneyri and the surrounding countryside.

Cottage 1 is 60 m2; it has two bedrooms with 120 cm beds, a living room with 140 cm sleeping sofa, a dining room, and a spacious fully equipped kitchen with a stove and an oven. A shower and toilet are in two separate rooms, which is convenient when many guests are staying at the same time.

Cottage 2 is 12 m2, and it houses up to three persons. There is a 120 cm sleeping couch and a bunk bed. There is also a toilet and a sink - but please note that there is no shower in the cottage.

Cottage 3 is 40 m2. Accommodation for five people - double bed, upper bed and a sleeping sofa in living room. Wheelchair friendly.

The cottages are rented out minimum two nights, and are rented out with made up beds and towels.

Kria Guesthouse

Kveldúlfsgata 27

GPS Points N64° 32' 48.827" W21° 55' 0.496"

+354 845-4126

Accommodation 2 Rooms / 6 Beds
Opening period All year
Service Hairdresser Open year round Accessible for the phisically impared Smoking not allowed Wheel chair accessible Pharmacy Tire service Hotel / guesthouse Petrole station Coffe shop Tourist information center Swimming pool Sports hall Internet access Police Hot pot Golf course Grocery store Bakery Post office Handy craft for sale ATM Bank Library Health service Credit cards accepted Breakfast only
Categories Guesthouses , Cottages

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6.40 km

Einkunnir is a 270 ha country park, protected for recreational use and the preservation of the typical landscape of the area. The areas' main characteristics are its rocky islands or bluffs that rise from the areas' vast flat wetlands.

Please follow the marked trails whenever possible. Do not drive off-road, damage geological formations or vegetation. Do not disturb the wildlife or light fires in vegetated areas. Please take your litter with you when you leave.

21.73 km
Troll Waterfalls

The Troll Waterfalls of the Grimsa river. There is a clear formation in the form of a troll face in the cliff by the river bank.

Take the troll walk and learn about trolls, folk tales and places that connect to the nature and scenery at Fossatun.

An extraordinary view and good spot to see the Skessuhorn mountain peak. Excellent for witnessing jumping salmon in the summer.

1.77 km
Bjossarolo - playground

Bjossarolo is a playground for children in Borgarnes, not far from Edduveröld or the Settlement Centre .

It was constructed by Bjorn Gudmundsson, a man who was ahead of his time and thought about recycling. He used exclusively things that had been thrown away to build up this special place. At the playground there are for example swings, slides, an old boat, a castle and a lot more in a hollow enclosed by rocks not far from the sea.

And on going there you could look for shells or nice stones on the beach. The small, but very pretty park Skallagrimsgardur is not far away. There you can even find the grave of a saga hero!

1.84 km
Brakarey Island

Brakarey is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The island was named after Egill's nanny and Skalla-Grimur´s slave Thorgerdur brak, after Skalla-Grimur killed her and she drowned in the sea near it. From the island is a great view over Borgarfjord.

19.93 km

Skessu­horn (967 m) is a particularly impressive and outstanding peak when the range is viewed from the north. Skessu­horn is located in Borgarfjörður it takes 5-6 hours to hike the mountain and you will need good equipment.

History and Culture
2.96 km

Originally the home of Skalla-Grimur, father of Egill, hero of Egil´s Saga. Its full name means "rock in the marshes".

The farmstead was defined by Kveld-Ulfur, Egill Skalla-Grimsson's grandfather, who got on the wrong side of King Harald Fairhair of Norway and fled to Iceland.

As they approached Iceland on their way from Norway, Kveld-Ulfur became ill and knew he would die. He instructed his son to make a coffin for him, place his body in it and throw it overboard. The son was to select the site for the family farm where the coffin washed ashore. This happened to be at Borg, where Egill's father settled and raised his family.

Today you can see a small church, the large rock that gave the place its name and an interesting sculpture at Borg by Asmundur Sveinsson commemorating Egil´s poem, Loss of a Son. A thoughtful reflection on the emptiness he felt after his son's death.

History and Culture
14.99 km

One of the men of saga hero Egill Skallagrímsson founded the rich farm of Hvanneyri at the time of settlement.

In today's village you may find the Agricultural University of Iceland which is very engaged in the protection of the environment.

Hvanneyri is also the siege of the Icelandic museum for Agriculture and Ullarselið, a wool shop.

In the springtime and autumn a lot of White-fronted Goose stay around the village, they are under protection in the area.

For the Children
21.67 km
Troll Walk

The Troll Books and the Troll and Folktale Walks

When the host in Fossatún, Steinar Berg, first arrived Fossatún, he found a rock with the shape of a troll's face by the Troll Waterfalls. This inspired him to write folk stories about trolls. His books have been well received and successful in Iceland. The book Tryggdatröll (The Last Troll) is available in 6 languages apart from Icelandic: English, French, German, Norwegian, Japanese and Spanish. The book is illustrated by Brian Pilkington.

The Troll Walk and the Folktale Walk.

The walks are connected with the books. The Troll walk is a short walk viewing The Troll Waterfalls and the scenery and background of The Last Troll story - and you learn about trolls on the way. The Folktale Walk is a new walk, extension of the Troll Walk, that will be set up in April/May 2018. It is based on the Trunt, Trunt book and you learn about folktales and locations in the West Region of Iceland. In addition you enjoy a wonderful panorama view of the Borgarfjördur area and mountain circle.

1.08 km

In the heart of Borgarnes is Skallagrímsgarður, a small public park which is ideal for a picnic. The park plays an important role in Egil's Saga, as the burial mound of Skallagrímur Kveldúlfsson, Egil's father, is situated there. It is a good idea to relax in Skallagrímsgarður after a visit to Borgarnes swimming pool which is next to the park.

For the Children
1.00 km
Borgarnes swimming pool

In the sports stadium, you will find both an outside and an inside swimming pool, hot tubs, a steam bath which is fed with steam straight from the Deildartunguhver hot spring, a children's pool and water slides. All in all, an excellent health spa.

5.79 km
Hafnarfjall mountain

The mountain Hafnarfjall near Borgarnes is part of the same extinguished central volcano as Skardsheidi and is also about 4 million years old.

The mountain is 844 m in height and its sides are rather eroded. Most of the mountain consists of basalt, but on the north side there is a small crag, which is made of granofyr. The name "flatfish" indicates its form. Let the children discover it!

On the foot of the mountain is a small forest of birch trees where the authorities of Iceland practice reforestation. It is possible to hike up the mountain beginning near the bridge over the fjord at Borgarnes.

West Iceland

Towns & Villages

The population centres in West Iceland are as varied as they are many. Ten places have over 50 residents and Akranes is the most densely populated with 6,500 inhabitants. 

All of the larger communities put ever-increasing emphasis on dynamic tourism where a wide selection of recreation and services are offered.   

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