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West Iceland Marketing OfficeThe purpose of the West Iceland Marketing Office is to integrate marketing and promotion in West Iceland by conducting this activity in one place, in cooperation with tourist and travel operators and the municipalities, as well as clusters and organisations within the area. The Marketing office‘s main objective is to strenghten the image of West Iceland and present it as an ideal destination for tourists.
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Promote Iceland is a public-private partnership established to market Iceland´s commercial interests abroad and to increase the country´s export revenues.Promote Iceland´s goals include: Enhance Iceland´s good image and increase awareness of the country abroad. Assist Icelandic companies in marketing their goods and services abroad.  Promote Iceland as a tourist destination and to help promote Icelandic culture abroad. Offer training and consultancy services to companies, associations, and individuals in Iceland, to help them reach success in the international marketplace. Promote investment opportunities and attract Foreign Direct Investment to Iceland in coordinance with the current policies of the government.