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Áshestar horse rental is located at the farm Stóri-Ás in Borgarfjörður. Áshestar is a small family company owned and run by Höskuldur Kolbeinsson and Ragnhildur Anna Ragnarsdóttir. Höskuldur and Ragnhildur live at the farm with their daughter, Lísbet Lára, and Höskuldur's parents, Kolbeinn and Lára Kristín.

At our horse rental we offer 1 - 1 ½ hour long riding tours in beautiful surroundings. We ride along the banks of the river Hvítá with Eiríksjökull glacier looking down on us and the view is simply amazing.

For those that do not want to go for a long ride we offer a 20-minute ride where someone from our staff leads the horse around the farm.
Áshestar horse rental is a great experience for everybody in your family whether they are experienced riders or beginners. Our goal is to help our guests experience the uniqueness of the Icelandic horse in beautiful Icelandic nature.

Before each tour we go through the basics of riding and controlling a horse. We want our guest to get to know their horse and be confident in the saddle before riding off. In our experience this helps guest feel safer and makes the whole experience even more satisfying.

Opening hours
The horse rental is open from June 1st - August 31st. Tour hours: 10:00, 13:00 and 16:00. Special times might be possible on request!

Please contact for tours and booking information.



GPS Points N64° 41' 54.488" W21° 2' 24.248"

+354 847-7051

Opening period 01/06 - 31/08

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  • Stóri Kroppur
  • 311 Borgarnes
  • 435-1570
3.02 km
Barnafoss, Children's Falls

The meaning of this waterfall translates into "Children's waterfall", but the signs here indicated that there was a saga describing why it got this name. The saga said that there were two children in the Hraunsás household who were supposed to stay home while the parents went to church for Christmas Mass. When the parents returned from mass, they discovered that the children had disappeared (possibly because the children got bored and decided to go out).

They then followed the children's tracks to this waterfall at the stone natural bridge where the tracks disappeared. The mother concluded that the children must have fallen into the river and drowned. Then, the mother had the arch destroyed in order to ensure no one else faces a similar fate. I've seen some accounts say it was by spell or curse, which induced the bridge's collapse by earthquake. In reality, natural bridges usually collapse over time, and given the powerful erosive forces from the rapidly moving river that undercut whatever was supporting the bridge, that could very well have been the fate of the natural arch here.

13.82 km
Vidgelmir Cave

Víðgelmir is the largest of all caves in Iceland, 148,000 cubic metres, and one of the largest lava caves in the world. It has beautiful ice formations and deep inside there are lava stalactites and stalagmites.

Bones and jewelry from the viking age are a part of the archeological remains found in the cave in 1993. It has been preserved since 1993 and entrance is only allowed with proper guidance. Guides from "The Cave" arrange short (1,5 hour) and long (4 hours) tours. Please contact The Cave for information, availability and schedule.

Víðgelmir lava cave is considered by specialists to be one of the most remarkable caves on earth.

11.93 km
hallmundarhraun lava field

Hallmundarhraun includes the longest and largest caves in Iceland.
Hallmundarhraun lava field was formed in giant eruption close to the Langjökull glacier around the year 930 and is 8-9 cubic kilometers. Hallmundarhraun includes three caves Surtshellir/ Stefánshellir they are together 3500 meters, longest lava cave in Iceland. Viðgelmir lava tube is the largest of all lava caves in Iceland the tubes volume is well over 150,000 cubic meters.

History and Culture
15.31 km

Reykholt is one of Iceland's most notable historical sites. It houses a cultural centre and a church.

Reykholt is most famous for being the home of Iceland's best-known author Snorri Sturluson during the years 1206-1241. An ancient geothermally-heated pool, Snorralaug, is named after him. It is one of the few things preserved whole from Iceland´s medieval period.

Snorrastofa is a cultural centre and institute for research in medieval studies. Snorrastofa offers historical exhibitions and guided tours and lectures. Music recitals are held in the church of Reykholt.

Visit Reykholts website

There is one hotel in Reykholt see more here.

21.17 km
Deildartunguhver thermal spring

Deildartunguhver highest flow hot spring in Europe !
Deildartunguhver is Europe's most powerful hot spring. It provides 180 l/sec of 100°C hot water.
Most of the water used for central heating in the towns of Borgarnes and Akranes is taken from Deildartunguhver. The hot water pipeline to Akranes is 64 km long, the longest in Iceland and the water is about 78 - 80 degrees when it reaches Akranes. If you take a shower anywhere within a 65 km radius of the spring, you have already bathed in the hot water from this powerful spring!

9.02 km

In Húsafell surrounding nature you can expect to find dense woodlands, waterfalls, glaciers, rugged lava, crystal springs, wildflowers plus remarkable archaeological remains.Here is a good map with ten hike trails.

2.98 km
Lava Waterfalls

Hraunfossar - Lava Falls - are beautiful and unusual natural phenomena. Clear, cold springs of subterranean water seep through the lava and run as tiny waterfalls and rapids into the Hvita River.

Hraunfossar have been protected since 1987.

There is a viewpoint at the car park offering an amazing view over the Lava Falls and Hvita River.

Restaurant and souvenir shop open all year round.

22.20 km
Surtshellir Cave

Surtshellir is Iceland´s most well-known lavacave, once inhabited by outlaws and sheep rustlers.

It is an enormous lava tube which is easily explored if the right gear is used.

The cave is 1310 m long and 8-10 m high, but at the west end it is only 2-4 m high. Walking in the cave is made more difficult by large rocks that have fallen from the roof. The interior of the cave contains "lavacicles" and ice formations.

West Iceland

Towns & Villages

The population centres in West Iceland are as varied as they are many. Ten places have over 50 residents and Akranes is the most densely populated with 6,500 inhabitants. 

All of the larger communities put ever-increasing emphasis on dynamic tourism where a wide selection of recreation and services are offered.   

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