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West Iceland - The Sagaland

In West Iceland, the history becomes vivid with every step, whether on account of the Sagas, folklore or just tales of men and the matters of men, the scenes of these stories are everywhere.
Most of the Icelandic Sagas were written in West Iceland, such as Egils Saga, Sturlunga, Laxdaela and Eyrbyggja, hence the name West Iceland - The Sagaland.
In recent years, more work has been put on developing the Saga heritage of the area.

What does West Iceland Sagaland stand for?

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• Interpretation and study of nature in West Iceland
• Geology of West Iceland
• Stories of outlaws
• Folk tales and stories of elves and trolls
• Social and cultural history of West Iceland
• Customs and employment in West Iceland
• Fishing stories of West Iceland
• Stories of the settlement and the heroes of the Icelandic sagas
• Stories of the university communities of West Iceland
• Stories of the development of West Iceland
• Stories of pilgrims and entrepreneurs
• Travel stories

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Akranes museum Area

The Museum Area at Gardar is without a doubt the cultural centre of Akranes and a popular destination for tourists.

Eiríksstaðir - Living Museum

Step back to the Viking Era and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and scents of Eriks the Red's farm which is also the birthplace of Leif the Lucky who is said to have discovered America. Modern day vikings demonstrate the lifestyle of 1000 years ago, sharing their crafts and knowledge

The beautiful town Stykkishólmur

Stykkisholmur is beautifully-situated on the northern side of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. With beautiful and well-preserved old houses in the town centre.
Stykkisholmur is also known as the gateway to the innumerable islands of Breidafjordur bay, which is renowned for its natural beauty and remarkable wildlife.

Páll in Húsafell

Born and raised in Húsafell, Páll Guðmundsson is a local artist who sees pictures in rocks and makes them visible to the rest of us by carving them out using various methods.

The family-run shark museum

At Bjarnarhofn visitors are welcome to the little shark museum all year round. At the museum you can learn about the Greenland shark, its habits, biology and of course taste the shark which is produced on the farm. Open daily from 9-18.

Ingi Hans Storyteller´s Lodge

In the Storyteller´s Lodge in Grundarfjörður, Ingi Hans, one of Iceland´s best known storytellers, welcomes guests and tells stories for the whole family. Hear about the birth of an Icelandic fishing village, glimpses into the history of toys, and be prepared for a surprise story or two.


Laxness Museum - Gljúfrasteinn
  • Gljúfrasteinn
  • 270 Mosfellsbær
  • 586-8066

West Iceland

Towns & Villages

The population centres in West Iceland are as varied as they are many. Ten places have over 50 residents and Akranes is the most densely populated with 6,500 inhabitants. 

All of the larger communities put ever-increasing emphasis on dynamic tourism where a wide selection of recreation and services are offered.   

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