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Stykkishólmur is located by Breiðafjörður Bay on the north of Snæfellsnes peninsula, and is surrounded by wonderful views of the innumberable islands. One of the defining landmarks in Stykkishólmur are the old houses which reside in the old city center and this is reflected in the atmosphere – it sometimes feels like a place from a different time. In 2008 Stykkishólmur was presented with a planning award in part for its renovation of the old houses. The town and its inhabitants have systematically rehabilitated the houses, and they have gained new and exciting purposes – what once was a library is now an art installation, a fish packing house is now a restaurant, the old recreation center is now a volcano museum!  The church in Stykkisholmur is an fascinating architectural structure. It makes a beautiful landmark both from land and sea. The view from the church over Breidarfjordur is spectacular.

Stykkisholmur is, as we mentioned above, known as the gateway to the innumerable islands of Breidafjordur bay, which is renowned for its natural beauty and remarkable wildlife. We have plenty of ways to explore these sight on different levels via kayaking and tour boats of all sizes.

Stykkishólmur boasts of a great swimmingpool, that includes an indoor and outdoor pool, a large water slide and hot tubs with water with healing properties certified by the Institut Fresenius. In Stykkishólmur we have open wi-fi access for tourists, numerous hotels, youth hostels, bed and breakfasts, a large camping site and a 9-hole golf course. In Stykkishólmur everyone should be able to find a restaurant to their liking as there is not only many of theme here, but they also cater to diverse tastes.

Within the city center you can visit three unique museums: The Volcano museum, The Library of Water and The Norwegian House.

The Volcano museum is The private collection of Haraldur Sigurðsson, a renowned volcanologist who has carried out research on colvanoes worldwide. Aunique exhibition of international art and objects related to volcanoes and their impact on our historu. Enjoy or movies of volcanic eruption all aroud the world

The Library of Water is an istallation of 24 glass columns, by the artist Roni Horn, containing melted ice from some of the major glaciers around iceland. The glass colums refract and reflect the light onto a rubber floor embedded with a field of words that concern with weather, water, words and identities.

The Norwegian house serves as the regional museum for the Snæfellsnes area. The house has been renovated back to it original style, with an open storage on the top floor. Rotating exhibiton as wrll as a museum shop with handicraft, sweets, coffee from the area.

Stykkisholmur has been the frontrunner in environmental consciousness in Iceland and along with the four other municipalities on the Snaefellsnes peninsula it is the first community in Europe to get  the EarthCheck environmental certification. The town is operated in as environmental friendly way as possible continually measuring various environmental indicators. The town was also the first municipality in Iceland to start fully sorting its waste as well as the first town in Iceland to receive the prestigious Blue flag eco-label for its harbour, and has been an European Destination of Excellence (EDEN), since 2011.

GPS Points N65° 4' 11.531" W22° 44' 8.004"
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Gallery Braggi
Crafts & Design
  • Aðalgötu 28
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 893-5588 , 438-1808
Ocean Adventures
Day Tours
  • Höfnin Stykkishólmi / Stykkishólmur Harbour
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 8982028
Gallery Lundi
Crafts & Design
  • V/Frúarstíg
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 893-5588, 845-9269
Stykkishólmur Slowly
Hiking Tours - Hiking
  • Hafnargata 4
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 766-0996


Vatnsás 10
  • Vatnsás 10
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 8683932
Heimagisting Ölmu
Bed & Breakfast
  • Sundabakki 12
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 438-1435, 848-9833, 894-9542
  • Hólar 1
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 8642463, 856-2463
Harbour Hostel
  • Hafnargata 4
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 517-5353
Helgafell 1 and Helgafell 2
  • Helgafell II
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 869-3184
Skjöldur Community Center
Sleeping bag accommodation
  • Helgafellssveit
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 841-9478
Hotel Breiðafjörður
  • Aðalgata 8
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 433-2200, 861-2517
  • Skjöldur, Helgafellssveit
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 820-6578 , 893-6097
  • Hraunháls
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 897-2558


Olís - Service Station
Gas station
  • Aðalgata 25
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 438-1254
Skúrinn Restaurant
  • Þvervegur 2
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 544-4004
Stykkid Pizzeria
  • Borgarbraut 1
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 438-1717
Bjarnarhöfn Bistro
  • Bjarnarhöfn, Helgafellssveit
  • 340 Stykkishólmur
  • 438-1581
Drapuhlidarfjall Mountain

Drapuhlidarfjall Mountain is beautifully colourful. It is composed of sulphur, basalt, jasper, rhyolite and lignite. As usual with lignite deposits, fossiled plants and petrified wood can be found. Drapuhlidarfjall is 527 m high.

Helgafell Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain, 73 m with a breathtaking panoramic view across Breiðafjordur Bay. A viewing dial is at the top.

Folklore advises anyone climbing the mountain for the first time to walk straight up without looking back or speaking and three wishes will be granted. The wishes have to be of good intent and the wisher tells no one and faces east when making them.

A small remnant of a wall on the mountain top is dated 1184 and was a part of a nearby monastery built at this time.

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The population centres in West Iceland are as varied as they are many. Ten places have over 50 residents and Akranes is the most densely populated with 6,500 inhabitants. 

All of the larger communities put ever-increasing emphasis on dynamic tourism where a wide selection of recreation and services are offered.   

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