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Drive from  Reykjavík on road nr. 1 through Borgarnes and then left, follow the road 54 to the Snæfellsnes peninsula. After about 45 min you can see a crater on left hand and if the weather is fine and you want to strech out your legs - turn left to the farm Snorrastaðir – from there you will have a nice view to the crater. If there is not to much snow you can walk up to the crater it will take about 2 hours. After this stopp you will back to the 54 and go on.... after around 30 min will be Vegamót/Hotel Rjúkandi. Are you hungry – now it is time to eat something at the small Restaurant. Back into your car you can see the majestic glacier Snæfellsnjökull in front of you. A few km from there you will see on the right side the sign Ölkelda – at this farm you have the possibility to taste the mineral water directly from the earth. Don t´be shy - come and try J Your next stopp on the peninsula could be at the farm Ýtri – Tunga which is near the beach. Just walk a few steps on the red sand and feel the fresh sea air if you are lucky you can feel some eyes following you from the ocean side – seals are often in this area. On you way to your next accomodation you have the chance to experience the wonderful area by horse or 4x4 bike at the farm Lýsuhóll – but also those who just wants to come a little bit closer to the Icelandic horse are welcome at the farm. There is a  restaurant too where you get always something to drink or eat. Filled up with this new experience will get back to your trip.

For the night you have a nice choice between these accomodations on the south side of the peninsula

Alll these accomodations are offering also dinner & lunch.

 DAY 2

Today we will send you to the center of the earth but before it is worth to stopp at to places on the way  - take a short walk to the cliffs from the small villages Arnastapi and Hellnar. The birdcliffs are fantastic nature buildings and you can really feel how ruff the sea can be here at the North. After that you just follow the road west and can see you are coming more closer to the glacier. After about 20 min you can see on the right side a small sign „Vatnhellir cave“ – this is your next adventure. A guide will show you the way down to the middle of the earth – the entrance to the cave is directly on food of the glacier. The cave is about 200 meters long and 35 meters under the surface. Just bring good shoes and jacket with you. Your lunchpaklet was prepered before from Hótel Búðir.

After this activity ist is short to the next point. Just a few meters drive turn to the left in the direction to the sea.... there is Djupalónsandur a wonderful beach with black stones. Here you will see the old parts of a shipwrack and also have a amazing view to the glacier himself.

The 54 goes now around the glacier along the coast through the villages Hellissandir Hotel Hellissandur (if you want stay longer at the pensinsula)

Next towns are Ríf, Ólafsvík and Grundarfjordur on foot of the beautiful mountain Kirkjufell. There are few options of accomodations at Grundarfjordur or neighbourhood:

  •  Hotel & Restaurant Framnes ( 
  •  Guesthouse The old Post office ( )

And if there is still time left you can go with Láki Tours on a whale watching trip to see the killer whales. Enjoy your dinner at the restaurant of the hotel or after a short walk aorund the fishervillage at the Restaurant Rúben in the middle of the town. 



 DAY 3 

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and drive about 30 minutes then to the next town Stykkishólmur.On the way it is interesting for everyone to make a short stopp at the Shark Museum at Bjarnarhöfn – the farmers will show you around and you can taste the traditionell Icelandic sharkmeat. Stykkishólmur is a nice fishervillage with a lot of services and a old renovated houses are decorating the heart of the town.If you here at Tuesday or Sunday you will get the chance to join a boattour with Seatours („Viking Sushi tour“) to sail around the thousand of the small islands of the Breidafjordur Bay and taste the freshest  – scallops and sea urchin roe.Also it is very relaxing and nice to visit some of the muesum  of Stykkishólmur too: Libary of water, The norwegian house or the Vulcanomuseum.At 14:30 you have to go to the Seatours office to get your tickets for the ferry across the Breidafjordur Bay to the Westfjords. After 2,5 hour sailing you will arrive at the harbour at Brjánslækur – from there ist will be only 1 hour drive to Patreksfjordur, where your next hotel is waiting for you. Dinner at the Fosshotel Patreksfjordur.  There are a few options of accomodation:.



After a arrival with the ferry Baldur across Breiðafjordur bay drive the direction of Hotel Flókalundur and approximately 100 meters further. Take a right turn towards the sea to a small parking lot. Walk down the steps and soon you will see one of the nicest hot spring pools in the Westfjords. Relax and enjoy the hot water and the beautiful landscape. Drive through Vatnsfjörður nature reserve, across Dynjandisheiði and to the impressive waterfall Dynjandi. Dynjandi is the largest waterfall in the Westfjords, about 100 meters high and up to 60 meters wide. Next stop is in Reykjarfjörður where there is both a big hot spring pool as well as sitting pot few meters away, both furnished with water from a nearby hot spring. In Bíldudalur we recommend you to visit the Monster Museum and listen to tales of sea monsters which have played a colorful role in Icelandic folk culture for centuries. In half an hour drive from Bíldudalur is the beautiful valley of Selárdalur where you can visit the extraordinary museum of outdoor works, the Art Museum of Samúel Jónsson.

After enjoying the exciting activities Bíldudalur has to offer drive to Tálknafjordur village. The hot spring pool, Pollurinn is located in the hillside just outside the village of Tálknafjordur. While bathing you can admire the extraordinary view over the fjord. The next stop is Patreksfjörður village, the biggest village of the three villages in Southern Westfjords. In Patreksfjörður we recommend you to try fish and dine with Westfjords Adventures. After a successful sea angling tour the captain will prepare your catch for dinner at the Fosshotel restaurant, Fjall og Fjara. The chefs prepare delicious courses based on the catch of the day. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. You can also try one of Westfjords Adventures bicycle tours, jeep tours or hiking tours. We recommend you to stay at least one night in Patreksfjordur because there is a lot to do. 



It is aproximately an hour drive from Patreksfjörður to Hnjótur in Örlygshöfn. In the Heritage Museum at Hnjótur you will learn how local people lived in the old days, utilized the bird cliff and even rescued seamen from stranding ships under the steep cliffs. In Örlygshöfn you will also find a beautiful white sand beach with turkish blue water. The next stop is the amazing Látrabjarg, Europe’s largest bird cliff and the western most point of Europe. Látrabjarg is claimed to be the best place in the world to photograph puffins.

You should not miss the stillness and the pristine beauty of Raudasandur (the Red Sand Beach). It is one of Iceland’s best kept secret. The red coloured beach in a beautiful settings of black cliffs and blue ocean won’t leave you untouched. Seals are often seen on the beach sunning with there offspring. In the summer the French Café at Raudasandur serves waffles and hot chocolate with the beautiful view over the beach. On the way from Rauðasandur to Brjánslækur it is ideal to stop and bath in the hot spring pool by the sea, Krossholtslaug. You can choose between the concrete swimming pool or the loaded sitting pot, or simply try them both. From Krossholtslaug you can drive a short distance to Brjánslækur and take the ferry across Bredafjordur bay to Stykkishólmur at 18:00 (please notice no ferrytrip at Saturdays during the wintertime)  or drive route 62 through Bardaströnd. Dinner on the ferry

  • Hotel Egilsen (                                                                          
  • Hotel Stykkishólmur (

20:30 Stay the night at Hotel Egilsen,  Hotel Stykkishólmur

Accommodation in double rooms with bathroom or at the Harbour Hostel without pirvat bathroom.



After breakfast

Drive back to Reykjavík or Keflavík airport 



Activities (All year) Restaurants and cafés (All year) Accommodation (All year)
Go West  Fosshótel Patreksfjörður  Ferðaþjónustan Hænuvík
Vatnshellir Cave  Hotel Búðir Fosshótel Patreksfjörður 
Láki Tours Hótel Framnes The Old Post Office
Snæfellsnes Excursions Hótel Stykkishólmur Hotel Búðir
Seatours Vogur Country Lodge Hótel Egilsen
Westfjords Adventures   Hótel Framnes
    Hótel Látrabjarg
    Hótel Stykkishólmur
    Vogur Country Lodge
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    The population centres in West Iceland are as varied as they are many. Ten places have over 50 residents and Akranes is the most densely populated with 6,500 inhabitants. 

    All of the larger communities put ever-increasing emphasis on dynamic tourism where a wide selection of recreation and services are offered.   

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