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West Iceland has a great cuisine experiences to offer and a great variety of local ingredients. Different areas of West Iceland bring different ingredients. Among the things you will find are great fish and seafood options, local farming, vegetables and artisan food. Guests of West Iceland have the option to take it all in through the many restaurants that can be found in the area, where each and every one of them has its own speciality because of variable traditions and seasonal offerings of ingredients.


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Reks bistro Grundabraut 2 355 Ólafsvík 436-6625
Hótel Ljósaland Saurbær 371 Búðardalur 776-4103


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Kaffi 59 Grundargata 59 350 Grundarfjörður 4386959

Farm food direct

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Hundastapi Hundastapi 311 Borgarnes 437-2352
Grímsstaðir 2 Grímsstaðir 2 320 Reykholt í Borgarfirði 858-2133