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Akranes is just a stone's throw away from the capital largest town in West Iceland with the population 7.421. Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord),only 50 km from Reykjavik, gives an excellent opportunity to enjoy the unique beauty of Icelandic fjords,with its sloops, shores, canyons and waterfalls and its somewhat controversial history of whaling. The area is especially quiet and tranquil with few people around. Glymur, the highest waterfall of Iceland (198 m) is in Hvalfjordur.


Interesting places

Akranesviti, Light house in Akranes
Akrafjall Mountain
Glymur, waterfall in Hvalfjord
Garðalundur park Akranesi
Þórufoss Waterfall in Kjós
Geirshólmi in Hvalfjorð
Hallgrim's Church in Hvalfjord
Langisandur, sandy beach in Akranes
Meðalfellsvatn lake in Kjós
Staupasteinn in Hvalfjörð
Fossá waterfall
Höfrungur AK 91

Video Akranes Hvalfjörður