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The car ferry Baldur crosses Breiðafjörður between Stykkishólmur in the north of the Snæfellsnes peninsula and Brjánslækur on the south side of the West Fjords. There are two departures from Stykkishólmur from June to August. There is a daily departure during winter. A ferry ride considerably shortens the route between the south and mid-west of the country and the West Fjords region. The ferry has a stopover at Faltey Island. 

The Ferry Baldur
The way to Flatey Island and the Westfjords Ferry Baldur daily crosses Breidafjörður Bay between Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula and Brjánslækur in the north of Iceland. A ferry trip shortens the route between the south and mid-west of the country and the West Fjords region. It gives you also the opportunity to experience a floating restaurant. During the summer months there are two departures daily; see summer schedule. Over the summer many visitors choose to visit the beautiful charming island of Flatey, renowned for its birdlife. It's popular to take the morning ferry from Stykkishólmur and return in the evening or continue on to Brjánslækur. For those traveling by car it is possible to send the car across the bay, whole stopping in Flatey (without extra charge).Note that limited stops are in Flatey Island during the winter. Please order space for cars on the ferry in advance.Seatours also offers the Unique Adventure tour, Tourmet Tours for groups and various private tours
Sailing around Breiðafjörður's innumerable islands, the ever-so popular Viking Sushi Adventure Voyage offers a glimpse of the fjord's fairytale-like-scenery: variegated rock faces, areas of historical interest, along with the strongest ocean currents anywhere on Iceland's coasts. Birds, fresh seashell samplers, Breiðafjörður's innumerable islands, a taste of history and unforgettable adventures. 

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