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Culture & Heritage

Volcano Museum

Museums: Iceland has all kinds of museums. Most of them are pretty standard but others are
dedicated to more abstract things, such as ghosts and other curious phenomena.


Safnahús Borgarfjarðar

There is no shortage of different kinds of exhibitions, all over the country. They
are dedicated to anything from toys to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Art exhibitions
also vary greatly and may be found in all sorts of places.

History and Culture

The locals in West Iceland are proud of their history and eager to introduce visitors to their art of storytelling, poems, and sagas stretching back to the Viking Age. 

Cultural Centres

Hosting all kinds of cultural events and educational programs for people of
all ages. Cultural centers are located in most parts of the country.

Saga & Heritage

You can visit beautiful places and landmarks in West Iceland with historical values.

Crafts & Design

All types of craft and design have become popular all over the country.
The variety is quite remarkable and it´s safe to say that the local´s creative spirit is very
active. Craft and design products are sold at special markets, specialty stores or via the artists’