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Swimming Pools

There are swimming pools all over West Iceland large ones and small ones,
and all are heated. Most are outdoor pools but a few are indoors. Extremely popular with
locals and visitors alike, Icelandic pools are open throughout the year.

Geothermal baths

Few things are cozier than relaxing in a hot pool in the middle of nature.
Iceland has an abundance of easily accessible natural pools.

Fosshótel Reykholt
Wellness & Spa

West Iceland has many possibilities to offer for you to stay and enjoy, refresh body and soul and get a deeply relaxed. With great art and culture scene, the people of West Iceland regularly host events and own beautiful museums that preserve the saga and culture of West Iceland.

The area offers great variety of hiking trails and resting places that bring you closer to nature. And what’s better after a good hiking trail than a warm natural pool in a cosy environment? West Iceland sure has many of those!

Bird Watching

Iceland’s bird population is unique and diverse and offers bird watching
enthusiasts the opportunity for that rare observation.

Golf Courses

Golf enthusiasts have many options in choosing among excellent golf courses
throughout the island.

Family & Fun Parks

In many parts of the country, there are indoor and outdoor parks for
the entire family to enjoy.


Iceland has an abundance of lakes and rivers teeming with salmon and trout and
attracts many anglers. The opportunities for participating are limitless.

Bicycle Rentals

Short and long term bicycle rentals as well as guided bicycle tours are

Winter adventure

Icelandic nature in the grasp of winter is breathtaking and a visit to
Iceland in wintertime can be quite adventurous. Many different activities such as northern
lights tours, winter sports and different sightseeing tours are available. Celebrating Christmas
and New Year’s Eve in Iceland can also be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Mini-Zoo & Open farm

For family travelers, mini-zoos or petting zoos are an enjoyable
option. Another option is a visit to an open farm where visitors are allowed to watch the farm
animals and pet them and assist in feeding them. These visits are very popular with the
youngest generation.

Seal Watching

Two species of seals live and breed in Icelandic waters and shores, the harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) and the grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) and few other seal species visit Iceland, irregularly.


Shopping in Iceland can be fun and here you can find many international shopping
chains and diverse goods ranging in price and quality. Iceland also has a lot of souvenir shops,
markets with hand made products and stores specializing in Icelandic design. Sometimes it’s
possible to get a good deal on interesting products.