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Glanni Waterfall

The Glanni Waterfall on the Norðurá River is said to be the dwelling place of elves and trolls. However, during our visit, we noticed that this waterfall was situated near a golf course nearby an old lava flow (called the Grábrókarhraun lava field) and the hamlet of Bifröst. The falls was one of those wide river-type waterfalls that we saw quite a few of in the country, but this one segmented into at least three side-by-side drops as well as each one having multiple tiers.

Glanni Waterfall
GPS Points N64° 45' 13.350" W21° 32' 46.761"
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  • Flókadalur
  • 320 Reykholt í Borgarfirði
  • 696-1544, 435-1565
Grabrok - Hredavatnsskali
  • Norðurárdalur
  • 311 Borgarnes
  • 421-1939, 862 9148, 780 0153
Varmaland Camping Ground
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Víðines 21
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Grabrok Guesthouse
  • Norðurárdalur
  • 311 Borgarnes
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Glanni Golf Course
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  • Bifröst
  • 311 Borgarnes
  • 571-5414

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