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TEAMBUILDING EXPERIENCES for Companies, Clubs & Families

August 27 at 13:00-14:30

Price description

10.000 isk per person, min. group size is 5 persons


Optimal conditions have been established in my art studio for you to ignite your creative self.  You will be guided through a variety of tactile and tonal experiences. This playful environment is designed for you to access your flow state of mind.

On this playing field one follows their intuition, sees opportunities, and together a unique work of art is created. A new and extraordinary memory now exists between you and your group.

This cathartic process evokes a wide range of expression and heightens perception by limiting our senses. Exercising our imagination and expanding our creative realm is paramount in this experience.

The aim of this workshop is to accelerate creative expression and growth within groups.

Whether you are a team of employees, on a family reunion, or a club looking for an activity to strengthen communication, this experience is a stepping stone to forging bonds and honing your imagination.