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Irish days 2021

1.- 4. July

The people of Akranes are of Irish descent and there is no question. They have little to worry about, are cheerful and fun to visit and great fighters, not least on the football field. The Irish settled on Akranes in the first years of Icelandic settlement, but the name Akranes came later and is derived from grain farming and arable farming, which was considered suitable on the fertile land in Akranes. At the beginning of July every year, the people of Akranes celebrate the so-called Irish Days to commemorate their Irish heritage and have a happy day at the same time. These days, emigrants from Akranes are called home and during the Irish Days, families are especially welcome to visit Akranes. People come from all walks of life to soak up the Irish-Icelandic cultural mix, show themselves and see others or meet friends and relatives. During the Irish Days, Akranes wears the costume, which is of course in the colors of the Irish flag. Everywhere are flags and flags, banners and ornaments reminiscent of Ireland. This is a true family celebration with a variety of entertainment for everyone; sports, outdoor market, beach life, trout fishing, sandcastle competition, and last but not least the competition for the redheaded Icelander. There are barbecue parties all over town, but the main festival area is on Jaðarsbakkar and Langasandur. Icelanders near and far and foreign guests are hereby especially welcome on Irish days