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Broth & Brawl

May28 - 29

Price description


The renowned Viking association Rimmmugýgur teams up with Eiriksstadir for a weekend of having fun, experimenting with food, dye-work, crafts, and all kinds of activities. Guests can participate and try many things, which were common in the Viking era.

Opening hours during the festival are from 10 am to 4 pm at Eiriksstadir.

Admittance is 1200 ISKR, valid for two days. Free for children under 12, but it is important for them to have adults guarding them since there is a lot going on and no formal guards for children in the area.

Looking forward to experimenting and getting you involved in it!

Please dress according to weather conditions.

GPS points

N65° 3' 30.518" W21° 32' 11.806"