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Pilot whales beached at Löngufjörur

Picture owned by D. Schwarzhans
Picture owned by D. Schwarzhans

A pod of pilot whales beached on Löngufjörur, Snæfellsnes peninsula, last week. Over 50 bodies have been counted in the tragic scene which is only accessible by foot or horse riding. Löngufjörur are located the easternmost part of the south Snæfellsnes peninsula. To get down to the beach, the correct path must be chosen which is only passable during low tide and only for a short amount of time. We advise the brave-hearted guests of West Iceland who long to see the whales to seek a local’s or an expert’s advice before heading for Löngufjörur. It is not advised to walk Löngufjörur alone or without a guide.

These difficult circumstances have made it hard for scientists and researchers to examine the carcasses and take samples to understand what might have happened. Therefore, this unusual occurrence is yet to be fully understood.