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Sheep Round-Up in West Iceland 2016

The sheep round ups are coming up in September and October 2016.

The summer is coming to an end and the autumn is almost here. If you have been travelling around Iceland, you have probably noticed the sheep skipping around everywhere. In the summer time, the sheep are given the freedom to roam around in the mountains and the fields to enjoy their summer vacation. So when the autumn comes around, the farmers will journey up the mountains and the fields to gather the sheep to a pen. And in the pen, they will sort out who owns what animal. So what happens in the pen is the highlight, you will have rebellious animals, people falling around, chaos everywhere but at the same time, people are having a fun time while doing so. This is a great opportunity to discover and experience Icelandic traditions and culture.

Here below are the dates, time and places where each round up takes place. 

West Iceland


Arnarhólsrétt in Helgafellssveit

18th September at 11:00 and 1st October 

Bláfeldarrétt in Staðarsveit, Snæfellsbær

24th September

Brekkurétt in Norðurárdal, Mýrar

18th September at 10:00 and 2nd October

Brekkurétt in Saurbæ, Dalir

18th September at 11:00 and 2nd October at 13:00

Fellsendarétt in Miðdölum, Dalir

18th September and 2nd October at 14:00

Flekkudalsrétt at Fellsströnd, Dalir

17th September and 1st October

Fljótstungurétt at Hvítársíðu, Mýrar

10th-11th September and 24th September

Fróðárrétt in Fróðárhreppi, Snæfellsbær

17th September

Gillastaðarétt in Laxárdal, Dalir

18th September at 12:00 and 2nd October at 16:00

Grafarrétt in Breiðuvík, Snæfellsbær

24th September

Grímsstaðarétt at Mýrum, Mýrar

20th September and 3rd October

Hellnarétt in Breiðuvík, Snæfellsbær

17th September

Hítardalsrétt in Hítardal, Mýrar

19th September and 2nd October

Hornsrétt í Skorradal, Borg.

11th September at 10:00 and 24th September

Hólmarétt in Hörðudal, Dalir

25th September and 2nd October at 10:00

Kaldárbakkarétt in Kolb., Hnappadalssýslu

11th September

Klofningsrétt in Beruvík, Snæfellsbær

24th September

Mýrdalsrétt in Hnappadal

20th September and 9th October

Nesmelsrétt at Hvítársíðu, Mýrar

10th September

Núparétt in Melasveit, Borgarbyggð

11th September at 13:00 and 25th September

Oddsstaðarétt in Lundarreykjadal, Borgarbyggð

14th September and 2nd October

Ólafsvíkurrétt in Ólafsvík, Snæfellsbær

17th September

Rauðsgilsrétt in Hálsasveit, Borgarbyggð

18th September and 2nd October

Reynisrétt under Akrafjall Mountain

17th September and 24th September

Skarðsrétt at Skarðsströnd, Dalir

18th September at 11:00 and 2nd October at 13:00

Skerðingsstaðarétt in Hvammsveit, Dalir

18th September at 11.00 and 2nd October at 13:00

Svarthamarsrétt at Hvalfjarðarströnd 

18th September at 10:00 and 2nd October

Svignaskarðsrétt, Svignaskarði, Mýrar

19th September and 3rd October

Tungurétt at Fellsströnd, Dalir

10th September and 16th September

Vörðufellsrétt at Skógarströnd, Dalir

17th September

Þverárrétt in Þverárhlíð, Mýrar

19th September at 7:00 and 26th September at 10:00

Þæfusteinsrétt in Hellissandi/Rifi, Snæfellsbær

17th September

Ölkeldurétt in Staðarsveit, Snæfellsbær

24th September