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The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a region in Western Iceland, located between Reykjavík and the Westfjords. The area, easily accessible all year round and a short two hour drive from the capital area, is a popular destination amongst tourists and Icelanders alike.

The Peninsula is known for incredibly beautiful and dramatic landscapes, and a common knowledge amongst Icelanders is that the area is the only part of Iceland where you can see all of the unique natural elements in one place. In other words, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula has everything to offer, from untouched lava fields, tall volcanoes, mystical glacier,s and black beaches to white beaches, a National Park, and hazardous cliffs along the coastline. Uniquely diverse geology, folklore, sagas, ecology, food, and more have enough to offer for several days.
Simply put, the area is a true paradise for the outdoor enthusiast and, with magical sights at every turn, a feast for lovers of photography. Make sure you bring that extra battery as this is the perfect place to explore Iceland.


The symbol of the area is the mysterious Snæfellsjökull glacier, located near the tip of the peninsula, and where the National Park was established in 2001. Its mystique and majestic features have inspired many throughout the years, including French writer Jules Verne and Icelandic Nobel laureate Halldór Laxness.
The Park's purpose is to protect and conserve the area's unique landscape, indigenous plant and animal life as well as important historical relics. At the same time, the Park is meant to allow visitors easier as well as improved opportunities to get to know the area.


The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is known for its vivid wildlife and picturesque surroundings. Such as Kirkjufell mountain, hugely popular since it’s appearance in Game of Thrones, and the beautiful town of Stykkishólmur, with colorful houses and vivid museums, as seen in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The waters around the peninsula, especially in Breiðafjörður bay on its northern side, are bountiful with diverse ecosystems and sources of food that have sustained the population throughout its history. Breiðafjörður and its ecosystem is preserved by law. Its inner part is characterized by countless little islands and strong tidal currents. Various species can be seen in the area, such as the white-tailed eagle and puffins. Whales and seals are a common sight and the arctic fox can be spotted in the National Park and surrounding areas. Sandy beaches on the south of the peninsula are perfect for horse riding.


The community of Snæfellsnes has for a long time emphasized on sustainable development in all areas of society. Therefore, the municipalities have jointly been working on their diverse collaboration with businesses, associations and organizations resulting in a formation of the Snæfellsnes Regional Park – forming a complex landscape and cultural whole. The cooperation is based on a common vision of the uniqueness of the area and its utilization and especially its protection. In addition, Snæfellsnes has been awarded EarthCheck destination certification confirming an environmentally conscious community that strives for improvements in the spirit of sustainable work practices. This experience, further emphasized by globally increasing enthusiasm for sustainability, social responsibility and food traceability, provides good encouragement for further steps.