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In West Iceland, the history becomes vivid with every step, whether on account of the Sagas, folklore or just tales of men and the matters of men, the scenes of these stories are everywhere.
Most of the Icelandic Sagas were written in West Iceland, such as Egils Saga, Sturlunga, Laxdaela and Eyrbyggja, hence the name West Iceland - The Sagaland.
What does West Iceland Sagaland stand for?

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  • Interpretation and study of nature in West Iceland
  • Geology of West Iceland
  • Stories of outlaws
  • Folk tales and stories of elves and trolls
  • Social and cultural history of West Iceland
  • Customs and employment in West Iceland
  • Fishing stories of West Iceland
  • Stories of the settlement and the heroes of the Icelandic sagas
  • Stories of the university communities of West Iceland
  • Stories of the development of West Iceland
  • Stories of pilgrims and entrepreneurs
  • Travel stories

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