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Here below you can find the dates, time and places where each Sheep round-up in West Iceland takes place. 

West Iceland  
Arnarhólsrétt in Helgafellssveit. September 17th
Bláfeldarrétt in Staðarsveit, Snæfellsnes. September 23rd
Brekkurétt in Norðurárdalur. September 10th at 10am and September 24th. 
Brekkurétt in Saurbær, Dalir. September 17th
Fellsendarétt in Miðdalir, Dalir. September 17th at 2pm and Oktober 1st 
Flekkudalsrétt in Fellsströnd, Dalir. September 16th
Fljótstungurétt in Hvítársíða. September 9th-10th and September 23rd
Fróðárrétt in Fróðárhreppur. September 16th
Gillastaðarétt in Laxárdalur, Dalir. September 17th 
Grafarrétt in Breiðuvík, Snæfellsnes. September 23rd 
Grímsstaðarétt in Mýrar. September 12th at 10am and September 25th 
Hellnarétt in Breiðuvík, Snæfellsnes. September 16th 
Hítardalsrétt in Hítardalur. September 11th at 9am and September 24th  
Hornsrétt in Skorradalur, Borgarfjörður. September 10th at 10am and September 23rd 
Hólmarétt in Hörðudalur, Dalabyggð September 25th at 10am
Hrafnkelsstaðarétt in Grundarfjörður September 16th at 4pm 
Kaldárbakkarétt in
Kolbeinsstaðahreppur, Hnappadalssýslu.
September 3rd at 11am and September 24th 
Kirkjufellsrétt in Haukadalur, Dalir. September 16th and September 30th 
Klofningsrétt in Beruvík, Snæfellsnes. September 23rd
Langholtsrétt in Eyja- og Miklaholtshreppur. September 18th 
Ljárskógarétt in Laxárdalur, Dalir. September 9th 
Mýrar in Grundarfjörður. September 16th at 4pm 
Mýrdalsrétt in Hnappadalur. September 19th
Nesmelsrétt in Hvítársíða. September 2nd
Núparétt in Melasveit. September 10th at 1pm and September 23rd 
Oddsstaðarétt in Lundarreykjadalur.  September 6th at 9am and Oktober 1st 
Ólafsvíkurrétt in Ólafsvík, Snæfellsnes. September 16th 
Ósrétt in Skógarströnd, Dalir. September 29th
Rauðsgilsrétt in Hálsasveit. September 17th at 10am and Oktober 1st 
Reynisrétt by Akrafjall. September 23rd and September 30th 
Skarðsrétt in Skarðsströnd, Dalir. September 17th and Oktober 1st 
Skerðingsstaðarétt in Hvammsveit, Dalir.  September 17th at 11am and Oktober 1st at 1pm
Svarthamarsrétt á Hvalfjarðarströnd September 10th at 10am and Oktober 1st
Svignaskarðsrétt, Svignaskarð. September 11th at 10am and September 25th
Tungurétt in Fellsströnd, Dalir. September 16th 
Þverárrétt Eyja- og Miklaholtshreppur, Snæfellsnes. September 17th 
Þverárrétt in Þverárhlíð. September 11th at 7am and September 25th 
Þæfusteinsrétt in Hellissandur/Rif, Snæfellsnes September 16th 
Ölkeldurétt in Staðarsveit, Snæfellsnes. September 23rd 

West Iceland

Towns & Villages

The population centres in West Iceland are as varied as they are many. Ten places have over 50 residents and Akranes is the most densely populated with 6,500 inhabitants. 

All of the larger communities put ever-increasing emphasis on dynamic tourism where a wide selection of recreation and services are offered.   

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