Fara í efni

Vikingsushi Stykkishólmur

We sail from the harbour in Stykkisholmur a short way to a rock island called Þórishólmur, where there is a lot of bird life. (different birds at different times of the year). The boat goes as close to the cliffs as possible to get a good view. Geologically, the island is a volcanic plug with beautiful basalt column formations.
Then we sail on to the next island a short distance away where we view a remarkable stone in the middle of the birdcliffs, which is mentioned in old Icelandic folk tales. A short distance away is another rock island where the Common Shag is often seen. On all of these islands numerous puffins can be seen from late April to about 20th August.
After about 40 min.sailing around the islands, a shellfish plough is lowered into the ocean and a wonderful selection of shellfish and sea life is caught for viewing and tasting: scallops, sea urchins, crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers and much more. Some of these are possible to eat fresh from the sea, such as scallops and sea urchins. These are offered with soya sauce, wasabi, ginger and lemon and of course a glass of white wine is always available. After the Captain has shown the passengers the catch, the trip continues, sailing around the islands to look for white-tailed eagles and other seabirds before returning to the harbour.

At the end of the trip, all children receive a colouring book of pictures of the shellfish and sea life they saw on their trip.

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